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Overcoming passive aggressive behavior

When you are too passive or too aggressive, it back fires on you. Also try to have congruity in your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Then try to implement your solution and review it periodically. Avoid name calling, swearing, using sarcasm, and other indirect messages that imply blame and put downs. It is very important to have the awareness of your feelings.

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  1. May 14, - How to Stop Being Passive Aggressive in 5 Relatively Simple Steps. Recognize the Behavior. The best way to nip this behavior in the bud is to become aware of when you're reacting in a passive aggressive way. Identify Your Triggers. Listen and Observe. Believe in Your Words. Make Yourself a Priority.

  2. 6 Ways to Help Change Someone's Passive-Aggressive Behavior. The Situation. Step 1: Recognize the Pattern. Step 2: Refuse to Engage. Step 3: Affirm the Anger. Step 4: Manage the (Predictable) Denial. Step 5: Revisit the Thought. Step 6: Affirm Areas of Competence. Why It Works.

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