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Killing gophers with juicy fruit gum

Jean from Michigan Answers: Maybe you would have better luck. Giraud mentioned that artichokes are a gopher's favorite food but also said that they will chew a young fruit tree so that it falls over. Gophers inspire that kind of passion. It bit me on the finger.

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  1. Jan 23, - Does juicy fruit gum kill gophers? The answer is Yes. It works. Here, you'll get to know about how you can use juicy fruit gum for moles.

  2. Jul 13, - We must begin this treatise on gopher killing with two basic The gophers did not eat the Juicy Fruit Gum that I put around their gopher tunnels.

  3. The cute little gopher is the bane of many a gardener and home owner. to the scent of fruit, but, when they eat it, they can't digest the gum and it kills them. If you place an unwrapped stick of Juicy Fruit Gum in each hole you find . they.

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